First time in a northern country. Copenhagen, in Danish Købenavhn, won me over because it is a young, avant-garde, dynamic and super hygge city.

For lovers of romantic places, shopping, design and the dreamlike Christmas atmosphere of Copenhagen can only be the best travel choice!

It has no case Lonely planet has defined it as the best capital 2019 and best capital of cool.

I have always been fascinated by northern Europe, and finally I managed to go there, choosing the Danish capital as the first “northern” visit.

The days seem to run very fast as the hours of light are clearly lower than those of the dark. In fact, in winter in Copenhagen the sun sets at 4.00pm / 4.30pm.

The first suggestion is therefore to get up early and concentrate most of the visits for sure in the morning, leaving in the afternoon walks in the shops or some relaxing stops in the various places to drink a hot drink. Or to venture into the magical world of Tivoli, the oldest amusement park in Copenhagen, which in the evening light up with so many lights and colors makes it even more magical and fascinating.

It’s cold! Even if the temperatures seem similar to ours, cold wind blows in winter, while in summer the temperatures are always fresh. And there is always the risk of finding rain, so bring an umbrella in your suitcase or equip yourself with a right jacket.

To visit the city 3 days are enough to admire everything and immerse yourself in the sweet and warm atmosphere that you breathe. It is quite small and the biggest and most interesting attractions are right in the center.

So I do not recommend making the copenaghen card, that is, the metro pass, because the only movements you will make if you stay in the center, could be to go to Norrebro or Orestad if you want it, two other districts of Copenhagen.

In Denmark the Danish crowns are used, the advice is to change the money before leaving at any bank of your branch, because the exchange commissions when you arrive there are high.

One euro is worth 7, 47 crowns. The single metro ticket costs about 3 euros (22 dkr), while from or to the airport 5 euros (37 dkr).

The airport is connected by train which takes you to the center in 10 minutes or wherever you have booked the hotel.

We stayed at the Go hotel, found on booking. A design hotel, cheap, very clean, with very comfortable common areas in full style and Nordic furniture.

Image result for go hotel copenhagen
Related image

Equipped with services such as travel accessories, breakfast, and a professional coffee machine, which you will find in many other places and shops around the city. In fact, coffee is produced by these coffee machines and I must say that the taste is very good.

This hotel is also 250 meters walk from the train station so super convenient to reach the center. Nearby there was also a supermarket and some bars.

A 4-night stay here cost us around 250 euros in two.

So super recommended!

The Hygge style is a healthy lifestyle based on the wellbeing of the Danes.

Create welcoming atmospheres and enjoy the beauty of life with loved ones. In fact, throughout the city you will always find super-well-kept, super-comfortable rooms, outdoor tables even in winter, lit by candles, lanterns and on warm covered chairs ready to wrap you between a chat and the other and a glass of wine….

The Danes do not seem to feel the cold, in fact their main means of transport and just the bike, with which they move from one area to another by speeding fast and safe, thanks to the rich and well-structured bike path that crosses every corner and way of the city.

And woe to hinder their passage either by bike, if you want to try the experience, or on foot. You need to know that the Danes are very keen that everyone respects their own lane …

What struck me the most was the number of places with vegetarian and vegan cuisine that can be found around the city. Healthy cooking is part of their diet and they really care about it in great detail. A careful kitchen, with innovative menus in places that set trends in terms of design. Covered markets and outdoor street food allow you to make culinary trips, savoring new recipes and new mixes of tastes.

Their main dishes are based on vegetables, accompanied by breads made of black flour, such as wholemeal, rye, and spelled mixed with various seeds such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Then, of course, fish is another essential ingredient in their diet, almost always accompanied by delicious and refined sauces.

I believe it is a city with a service efficiency not comparable to any other European city. What amazes you is the speed, efficiency, organization and punctuality of public services and the people who work there, starting from public transport, airport, etc., ..

Being a very touristic and international place, everyone speaks English from the salesman to the boy on the street ..


From the central station the city center and the major attractions of the city are all within reach at a two-minute walk. Starting from Tivoli, to the Axel tower,, the pallads, the rudhuspladsen, and the stroget.From there continue to Nyhavn and other attractions.

Tivoli is one of the most visited theme parks in the world!

The park that entertains children and adults since its opening, back in 1843 with its seasonal openings, right in the city center.

In Summer, the Tivoli Park is open, every day, including Sundays and holidays, from the first week of April, until late September.
From Sunday to Thursday, it is open from 11:00 to 23:00. Friday and Saturday, closing at midnight.
During the Halloween period, the Park opens from October 11th until November 3rd.
In winter, on the occasion of Christmas, from mid-November to 05 January.

Related image
Tivoli by night

Adjacent to the Tivoli, 5 rounded towers make up the Axel Tower , a building that houses offices, shops and an underground car park. Very nice to photograph for its particular architecture.

Axel tower

A few steps away, the palads is instead the oldest cinema in Copenhagen .. with its pink facade and touches of blue and green it is one of the most instagrammable places in the city ..

The Radhuspladsen , or Town Hall Square, is the heart of Copenhagen, the most central part from which to start your tour. Behind is the Tivoli and still behind, the central train station.

This square is one of the most lively meeting points in the city, full of clubs. At the center of the square, the statue of Andersen- the author of the little mermaid and of other very famous fairy tales – facing the entrance of the Tivoli amusement park,

and the neo-Renaissance town hall building .

From here also the Strøget , a road about 2 km long dedicated to shopping, where chic restaurants, refined cafes, vintage boutiques, high fashion but also more accessible brands, design ateliers, glittering shopping malls, such as the Illum, are concentrated porcelain and crystal shops, such as the Royal Copenhagen, or of course shops selling local products and brands, Danish brands. Here you will find the Lego store, Tiger, Sostrene green and many others ..

But it is turning in the streets of the long strøget getting lost a little that crosses the most beautiful and interesting streets of the Indre By neighborhood, the most central part of the city. This is the name of the neighborhood that surrounds the strøget and where you will find colorful houses, cafes, restaurants, libraries, Danish brand stores and more, as well as designer and more sophisticated shops

Another attraction not to be missed in this quarter is the La Rundetaarn round tower. A circular tower where you climb to the top to admire the splendid panorama over the whole city. On the top floor there is also an ancient astronomical observatory. Admission costs 25 dkr, 3 euros approximately …

Image result for rundetaarn

At the end of the Stroget you reach the square Kongens Nytorv the king’s square. Where there is the metro, the Magazin du nord, another important commercial center of Copenhagen, a renaissance type or galaries lafayette.

And where we continue to the right by the stroget to the Nyhavn district, the ancient port of Copenhagen.

Image result for Kongens Nytorv

Nyhavn is the most special and romantic attraction of Copenhagen. A succession of colorful Nordic-style houses lined up against the canal, with ancient ships flanking and framing, a truly unique picture in the world! The characteristic of nyhavn are also its bars and clubs that line the canal in true hygge style.Furthermore, at Christmas, fantastic decorations are hung and the typical Christmas wooden houses are set up and continue to the king’s square.

The National library or Black Diamonds is a very special building that combines old and new. Absolutely not to be missed in Copenhagen! On the one hand an antique bookcase on the other an ultra modern part where various events are organized, a bar and a crazy view from above. Admission is free.

Amalienborg Palace is a rococo complex, built at the end of the 1700s by the king federico V. constantly guarded by the guard of the royal body. Every day there is a changing of the guard at 12 if the queen is on site.

Image result for change of guard copenhagen

Also in these parts you will not miss the Design Museum which will allow you to discover the history of Danish design, and not just furniture and objects, but also fashion, visual arts and performance.

The ticket costs 15 euros.

  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday: 10am to 9pm
Image result for design museum
Related image

Continuing we arrive at one of the “cult” symbols of the Danish capital. The famous statue of Andersen’s mermaid

The little mermaid is the fairy tale known all over the world, especially in Denmark, and is one of the most loved Andersen’s works.

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen

Kastellet, located near the mermaid, is a military fortification dating back to the 17th century. It has a pentagonal plant, or star, and is surrounded by water.

Related image

Within this area there is also a windmill.

Image result for copenhagen mill

Admission is free.

A place to stop and take a break to taste the famous smørrebrod, and other Danish specialties is undoubtedly the Tovehallerne, a covered market where you can buy products and stop for a break. Inside there are also many stands of international cuisine.

Image result for torvehallerne
Image result for torvehallerne

But this is not the only place to go to eat street food, remember this name: Papirøen not far from the Nyhavn district. I unfortunately found it closed and undergoing a complete renovation ..

Image result for copenhagen street food

Vesterbro, or the most fashionable district of Copenhagen. Vintage hipster clothing stores, modern design restaurants and street art have made this area famous in recent years. Once a red light district that over the years has begun to change, becoming one of the most characteristic places.

Image result for vesterbro copenaghen
Image result for vesterbro copenaghen

In the district of Vesterbro walk along Istedgade and its surroundings, the famous area of ​​the red district of Copenhagen, with its alternative atmosphere. Nearby Kødbyen , frequented by young people, especially for its modern places to dine and drink with friends.

Then there is Norrebro, the multicultural district of Copenhagen, a paradise for lovers of photos and street art.

An often difficult area has been redeveloped, creating common spaces that unite the different ethnic groups.

The designers have in fact directly asked the local population, divided into more than 50 different ethnic groups, to suggest objects, styles and artistic elements useful to the urban furnishings that they would have liked to see in such a way that each ethnicity was represented. And so Superliken was created an urban space divided into three zones.

The Red Square , beautiful and modern, theater of urban life in the neighborhood thanks to the presence of cafes and areas for sports and music; the Green Park , for walking and picnics. The Black Square is identified by the dark tone of the pavement and the presence of deformed levels of the surface, thus recalling the desert sand dunes. This area of ​​the square is in fact dedicated to the East with the presence of Moroccan fountains and references to Turkish culture with benches and seats. Punctually Japanese cherry trees have been inserted so that during the suitable flowering period they can color the otherwise totally black space.

And then mark this way … Jægersborggade street, here designer shops, art galleries, wine bars and coffee shops, as well as organic food shops, vintage clothes, ceramics and much more

Another neighborhood to visit is the Free City of Christiania . About 1,000 people live in this green area of ​​the Christianshavn district, in a semi-legal status as a community independent of the European Union. Of hippy origins, this free city over the years has caused many problems to the local authorities, especially for drug trafficking. Currently Christiania is one of the most visited hippy communities in Europe, with its wonderful street art, the only advice is not to abuse the phone because the locals are annoyed by being photographed.

How not to lose one of the wooden giants right here …

Related image

In fact, you must know that they are the 6 wooden giants hidden in the Copenhagen area. Know that, as in a real treasure hunt, the only way to find them is to locate an incision placed near each of them, where you can see a map or a poem with suggestions that will take you to places where the Danish artist Thomas Dambo placed them.

Ørestad is instead a relatively new area of ​​the city, built on the island of Amager

The area was developed using the new “concept city” of the Copenhagen Metro as the main public transport network that connects the area with the rest of the Copenhagen metro. The central part of Ørestad, Orestad City, is located 4.5 km west of Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and 5 km south of Copenhagen city center. The area is dominated by the largest shopping center in Scandinavia: the Field’s.

Here, too, architects and students are creating some of the most futuristic architectural projects. A constantly evolving urbanization that creates incredible buildings … If you are passionate about architecture and want to shop, then stop here too …

Ørestad Plejecenter / Senior Housing
Image result for field's copenhagen

To find out about all the Danish shops, brands and brands to know before you go, follow the copenhagen shopping guide in the next article.

And then again to follow addresses where to eat in Copenhagen, spending little …


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