Events in May 2019 not to be missed: parties, festivals, fun in Italy and in the world!

eventi maggio italia e mondo


Events in May 2019 not to be missed: parties, festivals, fun in Italy and in the world!

Welcome may!

In this month it is incredible the calendar and the number of events that will take place in all parts of the world. Starting from Italy continuing to Europe and the rest of the world. A rich agenda of festivals, parties, markets, festivals, music, folklore, food, blooms.

There really is something for all tastes and for every place in the world!

After a careful research I thought then to select for you all the most beautiful events not to be missed in this month! Are you curious to see what is celebrated in every part of the world? Then read a little below …

Events in May not to be missed: parties, festivals, fun in Italy and in the world! Mark these places and dates and get ready for lots of fun!

If you specifically want to know the events organized in every region and location in Italy, click here:

Cinco de Mayo

A festival that takes place every year on May 5th to celebrate Mexican pride. It is celebrated in Mexico and the United States. The date of May 5 has enormous symbolic value for Mexicans, as, on that day, a resounding and unexpected defeat was inflicted on France at the Battle of Puebla.

Costumes of tradition, food, music and entertainment to celebrate this day.

Beyond its characteristic parade, accompanied each year by folk music played by mariachis.

Related image

Cordoba Courtyards Festival

From 6-May-2019 to 19-May-2019

During the days of the Festival the Cordovians proudly display the courtyards of the historic center, decorated for the occasion with vases of geraniums, carnations and jasmine placed on the whitewashed white walls. You can visit them practically all day. You can also attend flamenco shows, taste the delicious Cordovan tapas and Montilla wine.

Andalusian courtyard #balconefiorito

Castelluccio di Norcia flowering

From around the 20th of May to the beginning of July.

A spectacle of Nature!

Thousands of flowers bloom and the three planes explode with colors, with shades ranging from yellow ocher to red, from purple to white. You can admire lentils (characteristics and cultivated in Castelluccio, of which they are one of the most typical products), gentianellas, poppies, daffodils, violets, asphodels, purple Eugeniae, clovers, shamrocks and many others.

Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia Italy

Infiorate various Italian countries: benevento, siracusa, termini imerese, palermo, assisi, diano marina, spello, genzano di roma, known, brugnato …

In May..

In various Italian cities, the cities are covered with paintings and flower carpets, where the artists create them with themes related to the history, tradition and legends related to the territory.

Noto, Sicily's annual flower festival. #lsicilia #sicily #syracuse

National festival of norway

17 May.

Almost everyone is dressed to go out into the city to watch the big parade. Especially in Oslo where the celebrations are incredible ..

Related image

Bologna medieval festival

On 4 and 5 May at the Castello dei Ronchi, a medieval camp will be set up where duels, battles, music, jesters and falconry will take place. Inevitable the food stand.

Image result for fortress of roffeno medieval re-enactment

Assisi calendimaggio

8,9,10 and 11 May in Assisi.

It is a festival that is celebrated every first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday after the 1st of May every year, to greet the arrival of spring. The two Parts in which the city is divided, the Noble Part de Sopraand the Magnificent Part de Sotto challenge each other for the conquest of the palio, by conducting processions in medieval costumes

Lady Spring enters the city of Assisi during the parade of Calendimaggio (May Day).

Fish festival of Camogli

On 12 May the fish festival takes place in Camogli, where in the picturesque harbor, the fish is cooked in a giant pan in the center of the square.

Camogli, Genoa, Italy (by fede0253 on Flickr) The fishermen could recognize their home from afar.Camogli fish festival

Rimini, Santarcangelo di Romagna

11 and 12 May. In this end of the week, the town dresses up, traders, associations and citizens compete in revamping every corner of the village, every street, every balcony, and window.


Monterosso al mare lemon festival

On May 19, monterosso is tinged with yellow.

In the streets of the village banquets of every kind come to life where the typical fruit of the country with its derivatives reigns supreme: the limoncino, the lemon cream, the jam and the lemon cake.

Monterosso Al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy #travel
Lemon Festival - Monterosso, Cinque Terre - Liguria. #jellow #riviera #

Wine and the city Naples

From 9 to 18 May

In Naples, events and tastings in many locations in the city, the great event dedicated to wine with events, meetings, exhibitions and guided tours!

What a view! That's from Procida Island right in front of NaplesThanks @ valerio.diana more of Italy's culinary curiosities? Join Nonna Box and explore a different Italian region. Link in bio!

Rho milano, Tuttofood

From 6 to 9 May, in Rho milano, the biennial exhibition dedicated to food, confectionery, organic products, drinks and branded products.

Image result for tutto food milano

Medieval Banquet with Castilian Florentine

The Saturday before the fourth Sunday of May each year.

Imagine a unique dinner, because in the medieval Florentine village you can eat outdoors.

A historical re-enactment, a food and wine event. The hosts will in fact welcome guests in rigorous period costume, accompanying them to the tables set with jute and rough canvas and adorned with candles, table center of aromatic herbs and basins of water perfumed with rose petals. And while shows and fashion shows.

Related image

Spain, jerez de la frontera feria del Caballo

From 11 to 18 May 2019.

In Andalusia, in Jerez de la Frontera, an absolutely unmissable party awaits you in May, in a blaze of lights, colors and flavors.

Good food. So much wine and sangria. Dancing and flamenco until late at night. Lots of fun and, at the center, the pure Spanish horse. The Feria del Caballo of Jerez is, in fact, an event focused on this wonderful animal.

Related image

Flower festival in girona

From 11 to 19 May 2019.

Entire streets in the center of Girona, become art installations, accompanied by music, light, fountains and the heady scent of thousands of flowers.

Eart garden Music festival, Malta

From May 30 ..

Earth Garden is a celebration of music, diversity and life on the sunny island of Malta.

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United islands music Festival Prague

From 31 May

United Islands Prague is a multi-genre music festival, held every year since 2004 on the islands of the Vltava river and adjacent locations in the historical center of Prague.

Related image

London latin festival

Until May 5th

London hosts artists from all over the world to the delight of lovers of Latin music.

Related image

Brighton Food festival

From 4 to 6 May

Taste the Street Food from all over the world, taste the offers of the artisan food market and try the typical dishes of the best restaurants.

Find out more about champagne, wine, beer and cocktails in a masterclass.

Accompanying all these pleasant taste sensations is a fabulous program of live music.

Related image
Related image

Mallorca live festival

On 10 and 11 May this multigeneral music festival is held.

Image result for mallorca live festival

Stuttgart Spring festival

Until May 12th

The festival consists mainly of drinking beer, taking a ride on the Ferris wheel and exploring markets, music and entertainment. An authentic German event, Frühlingsfest is full of family attractions and traditional markets.

Image result for stuttgart spring festival
Image result for stuttgart spring festival

Hamburg World’s Largest Harbor Festival.

10 and 12 May

The bustling port offers a maritime program to satisfy everyone.

Over 300 ships from different parts of the world arrive at Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg for celebrations and many of them welcome visitors on board ..

Related image

San Isidro, Madrid

10 and 15 May

As usual, this spring too Madrid dresses up to celebrate its patron saint. And it does it in the best way, with celebrations throughout the city for 5 days!

Related image
Related image

Nikko’s Toshogu Festival in Japan

17 and 18 May 2019

During the 2 days of festivities you can attend large or small events that generally tend to evoke the Japan of shoguns and samurai with dances, archery competitions or other activities of the time.

Related image

Floating lanterns Hawaii

It takes place on May 27th. A ritual that shows gratitude and connects participants to their ancestors, offering tender thoughts and prayers while laying paper lanterns with lights or candles on the water, to the crystalline sound of a bell.

Floating Lantern Festival, #Honolulu, #Hawaii, USA. Based in OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona - We are a luxury yacht rental company redefining the yacht charter experience.

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Until May 19th

The festival of rock and pop music that is held every year in Barcelona and that for several years has become probably the most appreciated and popular in Europe.

Image result for primavera sound barcelona 2019

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