shopping primark

Get lost in the lanes, fill a basket of everything we like and go to the cash box spending very little. This is Primark’s low cost shopping.

Here it is from afar … she is you.

The Irish low cost blue gift sign for par excellence, man, woman, child.

An extraordinary assortment of clothing, accessories and home items in line with the latest trends at really affordable prices.

We’re talking about Primark.

To know:

It offers convenience and excellent quality standards while saving on advertising, coat hangers and labels. It is also a company that constantly reduces the environmental impact. It is part of a team of ethical trade that is responsible for monitoring people, production and establishments.

In Italy

Finally, the Primark chain, in addition to being present on the European and American landscape, also opened in Italy. Inaugurating the first store in Arese in the province of Milan. Subsequently it was the turn of Brescia and Florence. The next Italian opening is expected in Verona.

The biggest store to date?

It is located in manchester in England and has a sales area of ​​14,400 m2 divided into three floors!

And here we are at the entrance where shopping malls are offered.

The idea of ​​finding items, accessories and items that you will not find from other parts and at those prices will confront you for at least an hour or two in search of the super deals of your shopping day. So the advice is to go with Mom, Friend, Sister and leave the men at home instead. 🙂 Otherwise an idea is to invite them kindly to go to the man floor where you could risk losing them too!

At 90% of cases you will find yourself with a thousand dresses to try at the dressing rooms, and you will come to the cash box with a stuffed wicker basket!

Today, you can lose yourself in a multitude of blouses and shirts with bell sleeves besides several other models with open shoulders, volant, rouches. And anyway, all kinds will always be in line with current trends. Pants, skirts and clothes for every taste and size.

Are you the last to go to the sea this year? Do not worry, you will find even more discounted costumes, in keeping with the trends of the moment. And again, hatchbacks, hats, sea handbags and wonderful beach towels.

We are close to September.

Wow, how lovely those cardigans of various colors and lengths !!

Okay, you still do not want to think about winter, but it’s always better to refuel for the next few months and find us ready with the right boss at the right time and then cost very little.

This year’s primark offers many variants of tote bags, backpacks and shoulder straps. In fur, velvet, quilted and in so many bright colors. You will want to buy them all !!


And why not look for some shoes to match, you know the shoe almost always matches the bag. Ok here maybe half an hour will lose it all ….

You will then want to give new look to your inlet drawer. In fact, you will find plenty of bras and panties of many different sizes and colors. And why not hang on one of those magnificent nightgowns or pajamas. If you are colder you will also find nice pajamas from home.

It is true that the accessory can really make the difference and make you look different as well, wearing the same clothes. For you hats, scarves, extravagant accessories, earrings, necklaces and rings.

Eh … the glasses?

There is the embarrassment of choice.

Take a look, surely there is a couple missing in your collection. They cost around 3 to 4 euros. So you know, they always change every season !!

Socks to match? From Fantasmini to the classics. Tights, meshes and different designs that inspire new look to invent!

And for the gym? You will find tops and tops for a few euros and even canots and sweatshirts.

Ok then maybe we can go to the cashier? But before you can not miss the beauty department and make up.

Did I forget the home department too?

Already you can not really miss it! Gift ideas, cushions, candles, duvet covers, plaid, various items. How many beautiful things !!!!

If you are mommy the kids department you say … it’s really delicious !!!! You will find anything for your little ones! Take a look at the stationery department too.

Ok retrieve her husband-boyfriend now … is she upstairs upstairs? Or is he desperately looking for us ?? Cash can help! 😉


Do not worry the boxes are so many and the cashiers are fast!

You can also find shopping online at PRIMARK ONLINE

What do you think about my purchase and look?

I love it … is a kimono that can be used in daytime cities but also as a beach cover or as a maxi dress in the evening.

You find me with my primark outfit on the official website in the primania category: WEB SITE PRIMARK



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  1. Hi

    i like your store,
    But I have a question, I see a lot of products in this store that you also sell in your store.
    but there items are 51% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your webshop and theirs,
    is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.


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