Energy of crystals and stones

Energy of crystals and stones

How crystals and stones really work ?

I'll explain it to you here…

We are energy, Nature is energy..

Connecting with nature allows us to connect with ourselves, recognize us, learn to listen to ourselves and free our inner potential and virtues.

Channel our energy, unblock any energy and emotional blocks.. Through psycho-energetic treatments , through crystallogia, a discipline that teaches us to release our inner energy and emotions through stones and crystals that are able to connect perfectly with our essence.

It is not enough to wear the crystal or the stone, but you have to get in touch through yourself…

Through a consultation of one's personality, through numerology, through a reading of one's self, we can understand how to work on ourselves to free ourselves from negativity, blocks, bad mood etc.…

Christology is a study where the energy of nature and the energy of the soul come together and work together to improve one's life and our psycho-energetic / emotional well-being

On the occasion of this Little looks , she has qualified in this last year as a professional in the holistic field, esoteric. Work as therapist through colors and energy.

And it offers its own one within the site personalized advice quick to start discovering yourself and start tapping into your personal energies…

With this consultation it is possible to discover all the stones, crystals to wear and use actively or passively in various life situations…

Advice to your necklace: personal crystal and stone – Little Looks

its little looks we have also created a collection of first jewels in real natural stones. E’ possible to choose personalized advice on the right necklace for us, between 7 colorful proposals and all handmade with real stones and natural crystals…

Among the proposals: Diaspro, Carnelian, Eye of the Tiger, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Malachite, Crisocolla, Sodalite, Amethyst ..

Each one will go to help through my advice to unlock their energy centers and at the same time will work in a natural way on our emotional and energetic spheres.

E’ can also buy alone : multilayer necklace or individual necklaces.

Choker necklace in real crystal stones, or colored agate chain with cage and tumbled stone.

You can find them all here:

new collection Archives – Little Looks

If you buy the complete option, in addition to your necklace, you will receive your personal card together with the order

Within your order, in addition to your jewel, you will receive your personal consultation card where I will tell you about you, of your emotional blocks, and how you can learn to release your inner energy…”

You can also decide which necklace to buy based on your tastes….

Or request the necklace with any favorite stone or crystal…

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To ask us for advice, free quick advice ,or request your personalized necklace…ask us or choose how you would like it, the stones to use for you and your gifts…

With every little looks order a free bracelet of your choice and free shipping!

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