[:it]Travel essentials: what is never missing during my travels.[:]

[:it]Travel essentials: what is never missing during my travels.[:]


Travel essentials: what is never missing during my travels. The most useful and beautiful accessories and garments to take with you and the links to buy them

Travel essentials: what is never missing during my travels.


Over the years I have learned to optimize the space in my bag and suitcase.

Sometimes I've been forced to, for example during my motorcycle trip in greece and during the one in spain.

Between long and hot trips, overnight stays in different hotels, stops, and so much stuff to have to carry in small spaces, I learned how to pack and I understood how essential it is to buy the right items before leaving.

So that you do not give up on anything and have all the amenities at your fingertips…

In order not to risk finding you unprepared there are” indispensable”


Indispensable electronics..

A professional camera will allow you to take unforgettable photos, professional, in motion that you can publish on your social networks.. on your return ...

My advice today ...

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Foldable tripod ... super useful because it will allow you to carry it around and take your shots whether you are alone or as a couple, so as not to constantly ask people to take a picture of you ... just place it and take it ...



The boys powerbank is essential because obviously among a thousand shares on social networks, shots and videos your battery cannot last a whole day so if you like to spend the whole day out you need a portable battery charger.

I am fine with this, convenient price, very high performance! It allows you to load it perfectly to the 100% even outside the home..


PowerUp 5200 - Universal | Portable Battery Chargers | Charge and ...

A universal adapter, it's always needed because it will allow you to charge your electronic devices on the go, but above all to use them.


How many times have you given up on bringing a hairdryer and a straightener because they are too bulky? That's since I discovered this kit: mini hair dryer mini plate, I always carry it with me!!

Pack and go with your favorite hair tools. #T3Micro #miniblowdryer ...

mini hair dryer mini plate

Essential to take with you ....

How important I found this bottle guys!!


Universal Desk Stand

I'm talking about the memo bottles, design bottles, that adapt to any type of bag. How many times have you happened to travel and not be able to put a half-liter bottle of water or soft drink in your bag because it didn't fit? Here with this bottle you will solve the problem because its ultra flat shape allows you to fit it in your bag!


Travel cutlery holder


cutlery holder


During my visits to the city or to the sea, I love to take picnics outdoors, which can also be transformed, among other things, into a way of economizing while traveling. That's why there is always a need for a cutlery kit to take in your bag if you decide to have a lunch outdoors.

Ultra thin and space-saving microfiber towels. Ultra thin microfiber towels are very comfortable because they dry quickly, they fold into the backpack and take up very little space. So in case you decide to spend a day at the beach for example, you can keep them in your backpack and then throw yourself on the beach.

TELI NUOTO Sport Acquatici - Telo microfibra L 80x130 cm NABAIJI - Infradito, accessori mare


microfiber cloth



The raincoat is something I had never bought, but instead, with the passage of time, I found it very useful because it often happens to find yourself in the city where it always rains and holding an umbrella all the time in your hand can become annoying. But not only that I have often found myself at the seaside too, without umbrella and raincoat, and therefore forced to stay in the hotel until the bad weather ended.

If you are looking for a trendy and ultra colorful one, check out this one from Mango at zalando



Mango - CENTS - Waterproof - cremeweiß


Hand sanitizer. Sanitizing hands is always essential when tackling adventurous journeys, for example. Now more than ever in the 2020 and during the situation in which we find ourselves, a sanitizing hands will be the indispensable solution during all our movements! You can put it in one of those small containers used for hand luggage, in order to always keep it in the bag.

amuchina gel

Look at this nice way to take it with you…

I'm back! Amuchina / sanitizer holder.. - All felt-thread of ...


Another essential are the multi-use wet wipes in the minipack, which will be very useful throughout the day, especially in view of the heat.


Photo from @freshandcleanitalia on Facebook on Fresh&Clean at 5/5/20 at 12:31PM


Money bag. From personal experience, I have decided during my travels not to always carry the wallet with me but to use a flat bag where to put some money and the main document if necessary. Because unfortunately it happens to everyone to find themselves in unpleasant situations of loss of the bag or any. In this case the loss will be more contained, moreover, you will also optimize space in the bag in this case. The mini sachets can also be used to bring some makeup to refresh the make-up during the day.

mini sachet

Frosted Party - Small make-up bag, SEPHORA COLLECTION




Foldable bike and bike bag. Bike lover, a folding bike cannot be missing if I travel by car, for example. I love to carry it around and tackle new itineraries and bicycle routes. In order not to miss anything on the bike, then I attach the bicycle bag where I put the water, food and other essentials based on my day outdoors.

Folding bike FOLDING 20 Black

foldable bike


Bike bag:




Indispensable to wear ....

Sneakers. Sneakers are very important, because they adapt to any adventure, and they will not tire your feet. Buy a pair of white and they will fit any outfit you take with you on a trip.

Here are the hottest models now:


Scarpa Nike Air Force 1 '07 - Donna



Superga - 2287 - Sneakers basse - white


Hogan, this Platform is ultra light and comfortable


Backpack, the backpack is the most comfortable travel bag, from the most sporty to the most trendy, the backpack is always super capacious.

Trendy travel sports backpack

Fjällräven Kanken Mini 7 L - leisure backpack, Pink



Colorful and fresh travel clothes. What I love to wear the most and I find ultra practical are colored dresses, long and fresh. But also the kimonos that I use very well over the costume and give style to the photos I take. Vibrant prints,floral, pastel colours, bold colors to match with the backgrounds and landscapes you will visit.

On shein, for example, you will find lots of super colorful and trendy dresses for your travel photos at low prices:




Dresses to be completed with a hat, usually one and at most two in the suitcase. Otherwise you can buy it directly on vacation so as not to clutter.

Catimini - HAT - Hat - sand



Sunglasses are fantastic because in addition to protecting you from the sun, they will give you that holiday mood and give style to your looks. I am honest it is something I can never give up while traveling. I always carry a few more models in my suitcase and bag, even in the cheapest models to change them often in my travel photos.

Jeepers Peepers - Sun glasses - gold/yellow lens

trendy glasses




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