[:it]Places to go in Europe: Alsace[:]

[:it]Places to go in Europe: Alsace[:]


If you are looking for your next trip, places to go in Europe, I recommend: Alsace. This French region on the border with Germany, inspired the most famous European fairy tales.

I was looking for a place that could literally capture me. That it wasn't a big city. I was looking for a place to get lost, one of those places where you feel like you are in another dimension, in a movie, in a fairy tale. A place that makes you feel light years away from the places you usually frequent. One of those places that go perfectly with winter and cold. A perfect place to celebrate Halloween and to feel the presence and magic of Christmas strong….

who… I found the true meaning of traveling…

Where every morning, you can't wait to wake up to go on an adventure, where everything is surreal and fascinating. In fact, these places have inspired the most famous European fairy tales including Beauty and the Beast to name one

The Christmas atmosphere that can be felt here since November is something unique, the Christmas markets are wonderful and perhaps among the most beautiful in Europe…

Alsace is truly an incredible place that deserves to be seen once in a lifetime…

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Here are the places to visit in Alsace:


Colored half-timbered houses, bridges decorated with flowers, canals in Venetian style, wooden houses, the magical atmosphere that smells of waffles and sweets this is Colmar. A place that will enter your heart You can easily explore it on foot.. and get lost in its ways…. I leave you some photos…

Also don't miss the Bartholdi museum.

Bartholdi, he who invented the statue of liberty was born right here in Colmar, in Alsace and this is the copy in reduced form that you can find just outside the center in the commercial area of ​​Colmar.

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Rich in a historic center declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Strasbourg can be explored on foot, by bike, by boat or minitram. A city where tradition is strong, but also an innovative and modern city.

Don't miss the strasbourg cathedral of notre dame, one of the most impressive and beautiful cathedrals i have ever seen in france…

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little france, with its half-timbered houses flush with water,

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Defined as the European capital of Christmas markets…

Here everything is decorated…the box, life, in shops….and then the wooden houses… a’ amazing atmosphere!

Here are some pictures……

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This city is also called the European capital of the technical museums. The very famous Cité de l'Automobile or the Cité du Train attract tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world every year.

In Mulhouse there is the National Railway Museum, that puts on stage locomotives that are real masterpieces, perfect for creating a journey through time!

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Once here I recommend you to make your itinerary perfect to visit Freiburg and the Black Forest…..and all the wonders that make up this part of Germany…


Freiburg has a young and sparkling soul. With a medieval and colorful heart…..

Where you travel by bike,…

Where are the brook, one of the hallmarks of the center of Freiburg in Germany. I small channels that line the sidewalks and where the water flows continuously.

This German city is surrounded by lush nature, because it is on the border with the famous Black Forest.

If you decide to visit Freiburg during the Christmas period, don't miss the characteristic Christmas markets, among the most beautiful and popular in all of Germany.

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Not to be missed for a stop for lunch or dinner is the Markt Halle, a typical German brewery where you can taste all the traditional German dishes….

Black Forest and the largest cuckoo clock in the world

This region offers landscapes from postcards. Thanks to the dense woods, to the splendid peaks from where you have spectacular views, to lakes dating back to the ice age and valleys romantic, to the ancient typical farms set in the mountains, to crystal clear lakes and typical houses, the Black Forest is a very popular tourist destination.

The Clock Route is an almost circular route that starts and ends in Villingen-Schwenningen, after a journey of 320 kilometers through the most beautiful tourist landscape of the Black Forest and the Baar. The journey follows in the footsteps of Germany's most famous watchmakers leading to locations such as Rottweil, Waldkirch e Titisee. A path full of factories, museums, dial design workshops and ateliers, that tell the story, the life and works of these skilled craftsmen and their artifacts appreciated all over the world.

The itinerary winds through the characteristic houses of the Black Forest and its sloping roofs covered with shingles, between clear streams and green meadows. Between them you can see ancient half-timbered towns and picturesque villages with characteristic wrought iron signs, where to taste the excellent local products.

And it is a Triberg that you will find the country of the famous cuckoo clocks

lie to World's largest cuckoo clock you will find the largest cuckoo clock in the world

Europa Park

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Close to the black forest and the city of Freiburg I recommend stopping in the famous Europa Park.

The largest amusement park in Germany, for young and old!

This is the official site: https://www.europapark.de/en

The atmosphere you breathe and the fun you feel inside this park is something incredible!

I went to Halloween and it was one of the funniest Halloween I have to say so far! I recommend booking the Horror Night online is fun and adrenaline will be guaranteed

Beyond 100 attractions, cinema, theater, bar, restaurants and shops in what it is the most important park in Germany and second in Europe only to Disneyland Paris.

In suggestive mood di Halloween, the park is decorated with thousands of pumpkins every year, autumn plants and corn plants, cobwebs, ghosts and skeletons. Among the attractions, the highlights of "Horror Nights" that open the doors of the world after the apocalypse and offer five scary houses and other sinister attractions. Shows and shows also adapt to the sinister atmosphere, not to be missed, the Happy Halloween Parade of monsters and zombies, makeup artists, Rides, attractions, including pumpkin not to be missed but if you have a strong heart, and also a dance floor…..

Not to mention the magic of Christmas: from the 24 November to 6 January 2019 Europa-Park dresses up and welcomes the visitor with snowflakes that fall lightly from the sky, cinnamon flavors, 2500 snowy Christmas trees, 10.000 Christmas spheres and the notes of Jingle Bells that resonate in every area. Again themed shows and shows, the decorated rides and Santa Claus to coordinate the operations. It's still, not to be missed, the Christmas market in the decorated German boulevard that invites visitors to stroll immersed in its welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by sweet Christmas melodies and typical Advent aromas.

In my opinion, after reading this article and seeing these photos you will want to book your next trip here….


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