Advice to your necklace: personal crystals and stones


Advice to your necklace: personal crystals and stones

Enter your first and last name, date of birth and you will receive a detailed email consultation with all the personal stones and crystals to wear in every moment of your life. And how to use them to tap into your personal energy.

They will help you as protectors, some will be healers, others will help you unlock long-blocked emotions and energies…

They will help you to work in the psycho-energetic field through my advice

Channel our energy, unblock any energy and emotional blocks.. Through psycho-energetic treatments , through crystallogia, a discipline that teaches us to release our inner energy and emotions through stones and crystals that are able to connect perfectly with our essence.

It is not enough to wear the crystal or the stone, but you have to get in touch with them through yourself ...

Through a consultation of one's personality, through numerology, through a reading of one's self, we can understand how to work on ourselves to free ourselves from negativity, blocks, bad mood etc ... and how to work on an energetic level.

Christology is a study where the energy of nature and the energy of the soul come together and work together to improve one's life and our psycho-energetic / emotional well-being

You will receive all the names of your stones and crystals to use and draw on at particular moments in your life…







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