Who I am….

Daniela surleti, year 1988. Born in Turin (Italy). Under the sign of Capricorn: Dreamer, determined, and with a big heart.

Passionate about travel and fashion. In 2017 opens his blog www.littlelooks.it and his instagram page: DANI_LITTLELOOKS

sharing photos and stories of his travels around the world, of which he made a lifestyle.

It creates inspiration in its readers, becoming a point of reference for a young audience, directing them to fun and curious travel choices. He shares his experiences and advice as well as directing people to choose the best travel deals, events, and lifestyle from around the world, which he proposes monthly on his virtual space.

To travel, he never gives up on style and colors. Trends and fashion pass through her photos around the world and in her daily life. It was travels that inspired his taste. Trends are featured every month, advice, collections and shopping guides.

Little looks has been collaborating for years with accommodation facilities in Italy such as Villa jo’ be (polignano to the sea), Leopolda estate (Tuscany) etc.., small businesses, brands and e-commerce sites. From the 2020 is part of the A blogger for Italy project, in collaboration with the Italian tourism agencies, and accommodation facilities in Italy.

Among some of his collaborations we see: Huawei, Tissot, renault italia, Tinaba, Rolling Pandas, We travel, Richmond & finch, Shein, Tosave.com, Patternio, Femmeluxe, Idealof Sweden, Golden watches, Olyviaandme, Modern Woman, Soufeeljewelry, Coconut,Saal digital, Lalalab, Casely, Kabel shoes, Memobottle and many others…


Little looks opens on 11 January 2021 the online shop entirely dedicated to the world of travel and trends….

You can also find me on instagram: LITTLE LOOKS SHOP

The first Italian shop for very travel addicted (dependent travelers). A virtual space where you can shop but also get inspired… with great attention to color.

Suitable for all digital travelers who love to shop, finding inspiration from the places they have visited. Heads, trendy limited edition accessories… Products from around the world, that focus on local crafts, to the uses and customs….and the colors of the world…

A shop where you can find lifestyle items, free time, useful for any travel experience.

The values ​​of our brand: color and positive lifestyle

To ensure maximum transparency,and because we love the direct relationship with our customers, on the site there is a chat whats app h.24 to which we always respond for advice. personal shopper, info and sizes on products, shipment, returns and refunds…Write to us at any time for any doubt.




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