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Connecting with nature allows us to connect with ourselves, recognize us, learn to listen to ourselves and free our inner potential and virtues.

Channel our energy, unblock any energy and emotional blocks.. Through psycho-energetic treatments , through crystallogia, a discipline that teaches us to release our inner energy and emotions through stones and crystals that are able to connect perfectly with our essence.

It is not enough to wear the crystal or the stone, but you have to get in touch through yourself…

Visiting Portugal by car on a road trip is a very strong emotion. A country different from all other European states. Unique for its history, for nature and climate, strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

You will be amazed by the blue of the sky, from bright colors that you will find on the streets, you will be fascinated by the architecture but above all by the often surreal scenery that some beaches and sea views give you.. Suddenly, I could feel that extreme and magical sense of contact with nature, that you can only touch in some places in the world ...

Copenhagen: the city of hygge style, of fashion and design

The first time in a northern country. Copenhagen, in Danish Købenavhn, it won me over because it is a young city, at the forefront, dynamics and super cosiness.

For lovers of romantic places, shopping, of design and dreamy Christmas atmospheres Copenhagen can only be the best travel choice!

It is no coincidence that Lonely Planet defined it as the best capital 2019 e best capital of cool.

I have always been fascinated by Northern Europe, and finally I managed to go there, choosing the Danish capital as the first “northern” visit.

Autumn has always been the season of choice for many of my trips.

Nature takes on wonderful colors, the atmosphere becomes suggestive and the places appear even more fascinating.

Here are some road trips perfect for this season that has just begun ....