With this style guide you will never go wrong and you will be perfect: Tips to always dress at the top every day and for every occasion.

With this style guide you will never go wrong and you will be perfect: Tips to always dress at the top every day and for every occasion.

With this style guide you will never go wrong and you will be perfect: Tips for dressing always at the top every day and for every occasion.

With these precautions I am sure that you will improve your look every day…

To the base….

You have to first ,always consider your own physicality ,to go to enhance it to the fullest with clothes that highlight the strong points and instead go to hide the flaws. Let's take some examples:

For those with a narrower waist and wider hips ,and , to dresses that highlight the waistline, high-waisted trousers and skirts, top body to put inside trousers or skirts or microtops. No a leggings, no to capri pants and long sweaters below the belt

For those with an apple-shaped body then with a more pronounced waist and leaner legs. Yes to straight-cut dresses, short dresses above the knee, yes to cigarette pants and sweaters and tops with a soft and maxi cut. no to flared trousers, no to high-waisted garments.

How to combine colors to avoid mistakes ?

What you see above is The Itten Circle.

The rule of this circle is that to have a harmonious and balanced look, the colors close to each other sideways should never be combined(so for example yellow with green), but you can mix the colors of the same triangle or those exactly opposite.

Black is not included in this color scale, the White, the gray , beige because obviously they are colors that go well with all colors and also with multicolor prints and patterns

For summer 2021 in general there has been a return to combining ultra-bright colors. Among the combinations that go the most certainly yellow and lilac, green and pink, pink / fuchsia and orange, orange and light blue, orange and pink.

Said this, let's find out what are the secrets to never make mistakes and always have a flawless look e harmonious.

  • Never wear clothes that, as we said before, show defects. But yes to those garments that enhance the figure.
  • With a simple look, basic, then made up of a plain knit top in plain color, classic pants, jeans classico, combine a sophisticated accessory with important details, it can be a colorful bag, with studded details, in catena,in straw or with a particular print or design. It can be a pair of worked earrings, and glassy accessories. The important thing will be not to mix these things but to choose only one element of the look that is decisive.
  • To a sporty look or garment, always combine an accessory or another more elegant garment. and viceversa…This creates a mix that always pleases because it combines two different styles making the look harmonious and super glam.

For instance: to a soft jumpsuit-style trousers, a soft cut jeans with turn-ups try to match a pair of sandals or elegant shoes… the effect is super wow.

Or comfortable pant, sports top, sneakers combined with ankle-length lightweight kimono-like outerwear. This will make your look sporty chic.. Combine an elegantly cut pant or skirt with a sporty top…

  • If you wear a garment instead , like for example a dress with a chic cut, long, with pleats, with flounces during the day never wear a heeled or equally elegant shoe together, but try to wear a sneakers. This contrast, believe me, is perfect, because you will be chic but at the same time practical and comfortable…. So never excessive.
  • In general, remember that an ankle-length dress or outerwear , flared flared trousers are garments that alone make you perfect for any occasion.
  • Create contrasts of prints and colors because they always create a winning mix. So let's talk about bright color contrasts like those recommended above. Or contrasts of fabrics: such as satin and straw accessories, lace in contrast with linen etc.…
  • Remember that accessories make a difference: a maxi eyewear, colored, with a particular design, a hat immediately embellish any outfit.
  • If you are wearing a sexier garment, how can a low-cut top be, a miniskirt the other piece must be absolutely more chaste or sporty. Otherwise the look is vulgar at a glance.
  • Never mix garments from different seasons, or styles that are too different…..for example a boho style with a chic accessory does not go well together… but you can combine a bohemian style with an accessory that recalls natural materials….
  • If you wear a particular print , worked, super colorful, in order not to make mistakes, the accessory must be absolutely basic, plain color.
  • Never wear low-cut garments with your bra underneath! better without rather. Never wear items of the same color or pattern all together, unless it is a total look of the same color well studied and with small shades of different shades.

“In general, remember to always wear clothes that make you feel good, you feel comfortable with.. Wearing something that doesn't represent us as much as it can be a garment, a shoe or accessory that is considered beautiful or fashionable, it would make us clumsy and awkward. “

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