[:it]Where to book trips? Rolling Pandas[:]

[:it]Where to book trips? Rolling Pandas[:]


Where to book trips? Rolling Pandas: a site that compares the best travel experiences

Where to book trips? Rolling Pandas

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Rolling pandas: A site that compares the best travel experiences and allows you, through a digital platform, to choose the type of holiday you want to take by placing yourself in the hands of a specialized team of local operators and tour operators, realizing your perfect travel idea with a complete package.

This is how this site was born……

Andrea Spaggiari, 26 years, leaves his permanent job and leaves for an experience of 6 months in India and Nepal, having his backpack as his only travel companion.

“During my trip I met Amalmani almost by chance, Indian local operator who completely messed up my itinerary, until then dictated by the information found online, turning it into an unforgettable experience.”​ Andrea tells us.
“That's how the idea for Rolling Pandas started to come to life. My goal is to make everyone's vacation a real experience, made of places, local situations and communities, difficult to recreate independently”.

Andrea returns to Italy and puts together a team of people already specialized in the e-commerce field, so it was born in January 2018 Rolling Pandas.

What exactly is Rolling Pandas?

Rolling Pandas is a platform of organized experiences. The business model is the same as Amazon, with the difference that instead of products there are multi-day tours that are uploaded to the marketplace by ​hundreds of different local operators​ (I'm almost at the moment 400 scattered about 100+ destination), but also by large tour operators in the sector.

“The world of online travel is a sector where it is difficult to distinguish yourself, especially for small operators, who do not have large budgets available. With Rolling Pandas I want to help these local operators digitise, making their unique offer available to the entire Italian market” continues Andrea.

How does it work?

The procedure is very simple: you choose the destination,​we compare the various experiences available and proceed with the booking directly on the site. You are then put in contact with the local operator who organizes the trip in order to work out the details.
If there are no trips that satisfy us, we can always request a tailor-made one. This is where the experience of the local operator comes into play, helping us choose the best places and activities to do to better enjoy the country we choose to visit.

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What is the added value of a Rolling Pandas experience?

Travel to the polar lands in search of the elusive lynx, ​tuk tuk races ​throughout Sri Lanka, ​adventures in the dunes of the Sahara​ together with the camel drivers of the desert, are just some of the almost 1300 experiences uploaded to the platform (they will be more than 2000 by the end of the year).

The difference between the latter and a normal organized tour is the authenticity and simplicity of booking.

Rolling Pandas maintains high quality standards to allow its travelers to live experiences that put them in contact with the nature of the places they visit, off the beaten track and banal of general tourism.
In addition, the platform is structured in such a way as to allow for ease of booking, arriving at the checkout of the solo experience 3 click.

Here is their site: https://www.rollingpandas.it


I got to know the world of Rolling Pandas online and immediately liked this youthful team, professionalism, the innovation and grit that shines through in a project like this.

Definitely a’ experience organized with Rolling Pandas will offer you the right amount of safety to face a trip to an unknown country where you need the support of expert people, to guide you on your journeys, in the experiences and in the approach with different cultures..

A trip is born out of the desire to take home not only a visit but lived and shared experiences. Because it is precisely the travel experiences and the planning that comes before a trip that optimize it and make it truly unforgettable.

You can also find on their site a section dedicated to sharing the stories of travelers like me and many others who have chosen to be interviewed and share their travel experiences and the life paths of those who have decided to make their own passion a job.

Here is the space dedicated to me on Rolling Pandas:https://blog.rollingpandas.it/blog/come-essere-alla-moda-on-the-road






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