Multilayer amethyst necklace


“Choose whether to buy the multilayer necklace or just the individual necklaces,Or whether to get advice on your necklace and stone , linked to your personality with a personal card.

Just choose the consultancy option and through your name and surname and date of birth that you will insert in the order in the notes I will contact you to indicate your personal necklace. Within your order, in addition to your jewel, you will receive your personal consultation card where I will tell you about you, of your emotional blocks, and how you can learn to release your inner energy…”


Multilayer amethyst stones necklace, made entirely by hand.

Choker necklace with amethyst beads + chain with colored agate beads and golden rings, tassel detail,

with copper cage and tumbled amethyst stone

Also available separately.

Details: Diameter beaded necklace 08

This necklace goes to work on the seventh chakra, that of the crown, the purple color…

Amethyst is a purplish variety of quartz.

It is part of the water element..

One of the most loved stones..

The stone capable of opening the third eye. Able to show beyond appearances, with awareness. Stimulates introspection and spiritual intuition.

It acts on the nervous system and helps relaxation.

One of the most used stones in meditation.

E’ also the stone of transformation , which allows you to abandon the old to make way for the new…

In addition to protecting the wearer.

On a physical level it reduces headaches.

Maintenance Amethyst

Purify it with running water, charge it with the moon … and with a druse of amethyst…


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One free bracelet for multilayer necklace order only..

Delivery in 3 days.

All payments accepted , scalapay also pays in 3 convenient installments.


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Catenina in agate colorate e pietra ametista, Collana in pietre di ametista, collana multistrato perle e catenina con ametista, Consulenza collana, pietre adatta a te: collana più scheda


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