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Discover the colors that affect your psyche, your mood, your energy and how to use them in your life.

Through them we can develop, stimulate, increase our inner energies and those of the Nature that surrounds us

Life is vibration and energy and colors are a sensitive and elevated expression of this

I colori sono in grado di conoscere la nostra vera personalità e natura, our deepest and often not hidden emotions, reactivate the vital centers, and this finds its application in Indian medicine, Chinese, Tibetan and Egyptian

Through your date of birth, you will discover which are your personal colors that influence your psyche in a positive way.

Let's find out what are the energies to unlock and with which colors to go to work to feel better on an energetic level. What colors to wear to look more radiant and enhance yourself; to enhance your light and transmit positive energy to those around you as well..

Nell’ordine specifica il tuo nome cognome e data di nascita..

Contact us on telegram or whatsapp in private and send us a half-length photo of you at +393401231347

You will receive an online consultation by e-mail with the detailed personal file on:

  • The color of your personality
  • The colors that affect your psyche and mood
  • The colors that work on your energy and how to use them in your life
  • The colors to wear to appear more radiant, shiny and enhance you






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Consulenza completa ai colori personali per lavorare sulle energie personali


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