Complete energy treatment


Complete energy treatment

Discover your memberships: Colors, stones, crystals, herbs, fragrances, personal oils based on personal characteristics.

Find out how to work on yourself on an emotional-energetic level

Just enter your full name and date of birth in the notes.

You will receive your detailed advice in pdf format by e-mail , where I will go to analyze your personality, personal characteristics, memberships, energetic emotional state.

I will show you how to work to balance your emotions, develop inner energy to live better.

I will indicate your memberships: Colors, stones, crystals, herbs, personal fragrances and oils

I will show you how to use these tools in everyday life to improve your psycho-physical well-being.

I will explain how to get your energy flowing , feel better and live happier.


Additional information

psycho-energetic treatment

psycho-energetic treatment


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