Carnelian colored multilayer necklace


“Choose whether to buy the multilayer necklace or just the individual necklaces,Or whether to get advice on your necklace and stone , linked to your personality with a personal card.

Just choose the consultancy option and through your name and surname and date of birth that you will insert in the order in the notes I will contact you to indicate your personal necklace. Within your order, in addition to your jewel, you will receive your personal consultation card where I will tell you about you, of your emotional blocks, and how you can learn to release your inner energy…”


Multilayer carnelian stone necklace made entirely by hand.

Orange-red carnelian pearl choker necklace,+ multicolored chain in colored agate and golden rings, tassel detail,

with handcrafted copper cage with carnelian stone

Also available separately.

Details: choker necklace with diameter beads 08

This necklace and the carnelian stone in particular goes to work on the second chakra…Orange colour

Stone connected to the fire element

On a physical level he goes to work on asthma and rheumatic pains. Helps blood flow and eliminates toxins.

Carnelian infuses energy and vitality.

And the stone of happiness , optimism and good humor.

It transmits the joy of living to the person, strength and courage..

It's okay if you have any concerns, one feels confused and dissatisfied.

Helps concentration, attention to the present and interpersonal relationships.

It gives impulse to the emotional life, creativity is sexuality.

Stone maintenance and necklace

Clean the stones with water and dry them immediately. Load the stones in the light of the preferably full moon, or place it on top of an amethyst druse.

The necklace does not get damaged in contact with water.


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One free bracelet for multilayer necklace order only..

Delivery in 3 days.

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